‘Stele of Revealing’ Downloadable Files and Reproductions.

Make your own ‘Stele of Revealing’ replica by using these files. The files are print ready, and full size. (Made to the approx. size of the actual Stele of Revealing.)

There are two (2) different styles of the ‘Stele of Revealing’ to download.

Scroll down to view them located in the “Free Downloads” section of this page.

Need a completed ‘Stele of Revealing’ replica?

You can order one direct. Please contact me for more information; or go here:

Click on this link  to enter the ‘Stele of Revealing’ store: steleofrevealing.bigcartel.com

Finished examples of both versions:

Free Downloads

Click on the links below to save a high resolution image of the ‘Stele of Revealing’.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 4.06.07 PM
Clean version: Download Front | Download Back

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 4.07.40 PM
Weathered version (original): Download Front | Download Back

Please feel free to DOWNLOAD and SHARE these files; but please do not re-sell these images. Thank You.